Sunday, July 11, 2010

The beginning of the beginning.

Well, I suppose I Better start doing something, and post here.

Maybe a little bit of background to get things started. I am currently 19 and have been a car geek since the young age of two. Ever since then I've always dreamt of being a racing driver. During high school I dabbled in car mechanics while I concentrated on my chosen sport, Rowing. After only two years, I had to give that up due to a fairly serious back injury (that has now healed), when that happened I suddenly had a huge amount of time on my hands, with nothing to do in it.
In 2007 I discovered auto-crossing, a large cone course set up in parking lots, where I could take my little BMW coupe and thrash it around as fast as possible, while learning where the cars limits were, and the basics of car control, in order to be a safer driver on the road. After attending a number of these events, I was told by most of the people there that I had a lot of potential skill behind the wheel. Soon though, I found out that going to these events took a major toll on my daily drivers reliability, and keeping it running for my trips to school was becoming very expensive. I tried having two cars... but that was worse. So my driving was put on hold.

From that point on, I knew I had to be a racing driver. No other job could cut it, it was racing, or nothing.

Cheers for now


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  1. i wish u the best man, i swear i would do exactly what u are doing but i have to finish college..hopefully i can get to race for fun one day! its crazy your 19 and what your able to do, im 19 as well but i only just recently started learning since i never had the opportunity should fallow my blog too!