Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I built a car today...

A lego car but a car all the same. Video of todays work is coming, I'm working on it as I type. But, after supper, I decided to take a break, let my brain cool off a little, and relax with some rugby and my lego car that arrived in a care package.

Said little lego car! (so much fun!!).

second time lapse

Same sequence of events, just at a closer more interesting angle :-). Watch it here in full screen/720p

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not a totally wasted day

I didn't waste my day trapped in my head... I made a video!

Here's the time lapse for my first days work on the caterham, 4 and a bit hours into 2 minutes, 600 photos, and some royalty free music :-D.

psyched myself into a corner today...

Psyched myself out into a stupid little corner today. I started the day great saying "I'll lay out all the parts for the rear end, then take them down to the shed and get to work." Well, after getting most of the bits ready, I noticed there was a lot of stuff to do to have the rear suspension on, including installing the roll cage. Basically you have to flip between 4 different sections of book, just to do the rear end. I also made the mistake of reading about other peoples experiences with the SVA and IVA tests and scaring myself stupidly into a state of unworkableness. (wow, no red squiggly line saying that's wrong...).

Anyway, I'm going to hit hard tomorrow, I may even install the roll cage now, or at least set it on the car, just to make myself feel better...

However, it was not a wasted day (well, in car terms it was). I spent the afternoon figuring out the minefield that is making a time lapse video. So that's good, I should have my first days work uploaded soon!

Not what I expected...

I really didn't expect to see these 3 letters on my Caterham...

A BMW diff?! Awesome! I was just beginning to miss BMWs...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Front suspension done!

Well, today was a great day! I went to the local independent parts store (great service) to get various consumables for the build. Got back around 10:30 and started working around 11ish. I started on the right (drivers :-)) side and installed the lower control arm, then the upper, then the shock then.... remembered that the 2012 car has new headlight brackets that mount at the top-front mount of the upper control arm... yay, I've already torqued that bolt! Out it comes, headlight bracket on, re-torque bolt, good. Then I installed the upright, easy... sorta. After the right, moved on to the left (repeat). The main annoyance was the sway bar, it was very hard to install, but I got it in the end :-D.

Monday, September 26, 2011

What should have been posted friday...

This is what should have been posted friday :-D. I have the axle stands all set (lovely and tall) and the tools laid out and ready to use. Also the doors are finished, and the feather edge is the last thing needing to be done in order for the shed to be finished!

The height of the jack stands :-)

And my garage doors all nice and finished :-D.

More on the Morrow...

Friday, September 23, 2011

You know what I forgot?

Today I took pictures of my shed with both doors finished, locks on and everything... brought the camera and card to my Uncles so I could import and post... Guess what, I forgot my card reader!

So, yet another wordy post from me... I should be starting on my car monday, doing the front suspension, and calling caterham to try and get the fastener pack 30s.. something something. :-).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Went for a walk

I spent the last two days just organizing parts to put on, getting things ready to do, found a few missing bits I need to sort out, nothing major, just annoying.

So this morning it was a lovely day. Cloudy, but sunny, with a good strong wind. Nice day all in all.

Took some pictures while I was out, and can't decide between hay bails in colour, or hay bails in black and white...

Oh, and some corn too. Someone said it looks like a horror movie scene... and it really does! Bigger versions, and the ability to buy one or two here -

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My first door!

Well, yesterday and today I built my first pair of doors! Yes, they open and close just fine :D.

One is finished, and boarded, and looks amazing, frankly. The other still needs boarding... but I ran out of boards... I also got most of the feather edge on the side done, but again, I ran out of material, so that'll get done sometime.

But here it is! More on here as usual :D.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's the right way round this time....

The car sitting on the new floor in its new home...

5 more loads of hand mixed concrete later...

And the floor looks amazing! I'm really pleased with my first real solo concreting job. It's as smooth as I could get it, and is as level as I could get it. So all in all it's pretty good! It isn't very thick, maybe 2 inches at the thickest, but it should be good and strong.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I opened some boxes...

And all these parts jumped out at me! Can't wait to start actually building the car.

A room full of bits

Today I built some doors that need a little help to fit right.... Hopefully I can make them work, otherwise... back to the drawing board!

I moved all the small boxes up into my room. The main reason being I needed the space in the shed to be able to work on the floor, and get that done ASAP so I can get to work on the car! I also wanted to start taking a look into some of the boxes :-D, so I now have all the fiberglass pieces, the bonnet, seat, the cage, and 11 boxes in my room! Awoohoo! I also have the assembly book up here, so I'll go through that, see if understand... any of it, and be ready to hit the ground running the second the floor is dry enough to work on.

A room full of BITS makes a happy Tor!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where I post my "nice" photos

BTW, if you want to check out my non-snapshot photos they're here. My other stuff is all around my photobucket account that I've linked multiple times :-D.

The insides....

Such a cool sleek dash, simple, everything is switch operated, no controls on the column at all.



It's here! It arrived! It's currently locked safely away, but, IT'S HERE! :-D:-D

Car day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, right, almost forgot

The car arrives tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I can hardly wait!!


It was a very long day today. I went with Adrik to the bus stop early this morning, got to bed at 3:30am, woke up at 9 to make sure the digger and cement mixer got delivered all right.

Then the whole day was spent mixing, pouring, and laying cement... done 10 times over for 10 loads, it was enormously hard work! I also built the door frames, to hold the doors on.

My uncle played around on the digger all day long, and made a nice big flat area for the driveway to go.

More here as usual!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Stone Henge preview :-D

Just a teaser of Stone Henge, It's time to sleep, so just this one picture.


Well, I haven't been updating, tut tut. Since the 7th, it's been much the same, garage work, sleep, garage work, sleep. But, this weekend, my brother and I went down to Nomansland (yes, it's a real place!) in the new forrest to visit my uncle. We went to Salisbury, saw the cathedral, we went to Milford-on-sea to visit my other uncle, and we finally went to Stone Henge! That was really really cool, it's pretty amazing, those rocks are massive. I really want my garage to be here in 5000 years, but I think I would need to make it a bit stronger...

Anyway, here's a garage picture, and a link to the garage pictures (more in there :-)). The planks on the ground are the feather edge sides for the shed.

And my glorious felting job!!

Another post is forthcoming with Stone henge bits!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A day of breathing in wood oiling fumes (outside, lots of wind, still some fumes...) makes me veerry irritable... Just as an FYI

Shed looks like a shed!

More work on the shed yesterday, a mysterious gap appeared... we're not sure where from. It's ok though, it should still work just fine :-D.

We built up the roof, and it all seems to be sitting together pretty well!

Half the roof up, looks pretty good, most went together without too much trouble.

Finished! well, sort of :-P.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Oooh what day... it's a Monday!

Built more of the shed today. It started raining, as per usual in the UK. Adrik and I got both wall frames up, into position, and tied together before the rain started.

As they say... a picture is worth a thousand words... or whatever the saying is (haven't heard it in so long!).

More of the garage - here :-D


Confirmed the delivery date for the 15th! Awoohoo!

Yesterday was a quiet day

Didn't do much in particular yesterday, just sat around and edited photos (see post below...). I decided that there was ample time to do the rest of the work, even taking an "off" day.

Today is all about work though :D.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Great Dorset Steam Fair

Here's a link to all the pictures that I've edited so far of the Dorset Steam Fair, the largest in Europe, and probably the world! It's way more than 100 acres of steam traction engines, classic cars, trucks, tractors, and crazy people. It's a blast, and the day we had was amazing, blue sky and a cool breeze.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The great Dorset Steam Fair

I went to the Dorset steam fair today with my uncle and adrik. I got sunburnt, but it was a great day.

Too tired to write about it, but here's a taster from the pictures I took, and what I saw :-D

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today went... slow

Looong day today. Moved the garden shed to a concrete pad by the neighbor, it's an old pad, but does the job. My garage will have some new concrete, but mostly not. I have decided I'll get some floor mats so that I don't lose things into the gaps and holes in the concrete. The garage will be roughly 12ft long, and 10ft wide, so that's a good size! The floor wont be new, but the walls and roof will be solid and waterproof, and that's all that matters :-).

Should have the car by the 16th or the 19th, not sure yet, need to talk to Caterham tomorrow.

More tomorrow

Yesterday evening was uneventful. I didn't do much other than a bit more tidying upstairs. Had supper round at Alices, and then watched the movie, Paul. I must say, it's the best strange movie I've ever seen, it's very good and seriously funny. I did go in with fairly low expectations, lots of people said it was "meh", but I thought it was good fun!

Today Bob is arriving, so we can get me just about set up upstairs to sleep, then get started on the shed, which is way way more important than sleep :-).

Anyway, tonight we go down to ringwood to stay with him for the night, then we go to the Dorset Steam Fair tomorrow. The web site for the fair, looks pretty awesome!