Wednesday, September 28, 2011

psyched myself into a corner today...

Psyched myself out into a stupid little corner today. I started the day great saying "I'll lay out all the parts for the rear end, then take them down to the shed and get to work." Well, after getting most of the bits ready, I noticed there was a lot of stuff to do to have the rear suspension on, including installing the roll cage. Basically you have to flip between 4 different sections of book, just to do the rear end. I also made the mistake of reading about other peoples experiences with the SVA and IVA tests and scaring myself stupidly into a state of unworkableness. (wow, no red squiggly line saying that's wrong...).

Anyway, I'm going to hit hard tomorrow, I may even install the roll cage now, or at least set it on the car, just to make myself feel better...

However, it was not a wasted day (well, in car terms it was). I spent the afternoon figuring out the minefield that is making a time lapse video. So that's good, I should have my first days work uploaded soon!

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