Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, I haven't been updating, tut tut. Since the 7th, it's been much the same, garage work, sleep, garage work, sleep. But, this weekend, my brother and I went down to Nomansland (yes, it's a real place!) in the new forrest to visit my uncle. We went to Salisbury, saw the cathedral, we went to Milford-on-sea to visit my other uncle, and we finally went to Stone Henge! That was really really cool, it's pretty amazing, those rocks are massive. I really want my garage to be here in 5000 years, but I think I would need to make it a bit stronger...

Anyway, here's a garage picture, and a link to the garage pictures (more in there :-)). The planks on the ground are the feather edge sides for the shed.

And my glorious felting job!!

Another post is forthcoming with Stone henge bits!!


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