Friday, January 27, 2012

Latest video...

A few more high RPM runs, in to the 600 miles now happily, and starting to get use to being able to use all the engine range... it's lots of fun :-D. It was a bit slippery out (wetish + no weight = slippery) so I took it easy a little. I need to get myself to a track day so I can learn where the grip barrier is, and stay away from it on the road :-P.

Short and sweet, mainly because I get held up by a discovery the whole rest of the way into Wantage... Annoying but oh well, as much as I try, I can't control the traffic. I could've gone around, but he was cruising at 50 so I wasn't too bothered.

Went for a jaunt today

I went for a little jaunt past Wantage to White Horse Hill. I had planned to stop there and take pictures, but since small change here is all coins, and parking ticket things don't accept notes, I got back in and drove to Streetley, then turned around and come home. Luckily I was in the garage before the icy rain hit... Video to come in a little while I hope, but took a couple pictures on my way back since I didn't really have any of it "in the wild".



Monday, January 23, 2012

Little adjustment here, little adjustment there...

Clicked over 599 miles today, I really should drive it more... I need to get set up for the first track day and make a journey to Demon Tweaks to get all my gear. Nothing like spending a bit of money to have a whole ton of fun :-D

I washed the beast today, made it all nice and clean, and painted some surface rust areas that were poking their head through on the underside of the car. Mostly rock scratches from driving around on winter roads. After a good cleaning I adjusted the clutch stop to be in the correct place, about 6mm past where the clutch is fully engaged. It could be closer, but I want to give it a test drive first. It was a bit long before, about 38mm past fully engaged, so the short throw should mean faster shifts... should :-P.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My gran got a cat :)

She's still undecided on the name as far as I know, but he is very cute and handsome.


Monday, January 9, 2012

After test drive...

I conclude, after a 45 minute test drive, it is fixed! :-D :-D

And the power it has now, WOW, what a difference! Merging onto the A34 was a breeze to say the least. Very very fun car, and now after putting my foot down a bit, it still runs smoothly after! Oh how very pleased I am :-D.

Feeling a little sheepish...

The day before yesterday I was adamant that the rock that dented my floor pan, didn't cut any wires... well, it did.... Sorry Guy (dad), you were right, I just didn't see them.

The wires were routed in a strange way, they were right down on the inside face of a frame bar near the transmission. They were evidently low enough to get cut, but far enough on the other side of said frame bar for me not to see that they were. These wires ran from the Lambda (O2) sensor to the Lambda module, that controls the mixture of the engine,. Two of the four wires were cut, so it was only getting half (if that) the information needed to make the engine run smoothly. I now know why the car was hesitating and not driving very well. I have now fixed the issue with crimp-on connectors (very nice :-P) and electrical tape. It looks good as new, well, just a little bigger than before :-).

Pictures of the cut wires, the connectors, taped up, and then finally done.





Must be time for a test drive :-D.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

538 miles and counting

The miles are going up! Just trying to figure out one little issue, something that's rather annoying, but may end up being nothing.

More coming, trying to get another video together, but hope to make it out for a drive/picture location tomorrow.