Monday, January 23, 2012

Little adjustment here, little adjustment there...

Clicked over 599 miles today, I really should drive it more... I need to get set up for the first track day and make a journey to Demon Tweaks to get all my gear. Nothing like spending a bit of money to have a whole ton of fun :-D

I washed the beast today, made it all nice and clean, and painted some surface rust areas that were poking their head through on the underside of the car. Mostly rock scratches from driving around on winter roads. After a good cleaning I adjusted the clutch stop to be in the correct place, about 6mm past where the clutch is fully engaged. It could be closer, but I want to give it a test drive first. It was a bit long before, about 38mm past fully engaged, so the short throw should mean faster shifts... should :-P.

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