Friday, September 16, 2011

A room full of bits

Today I built some doors that need a little help to fit right.... Hopefully I can make them work, otherwise... back to the drawing board!

I moved all the small boxes up into my room. The main reason being I needed the space in the shed to be able to work on the floor, and get that done ASAP so I can get to work on the car! I also wanted to start taking a look into some of the boxes :-D, so I now have all the fiberglass pieces, the bonnet, seat, the cage, and 11 boxes in my room! Awoohoo! I also have the assembly book up here, so I'll go through that, see if understand... any of it, and be ready to hit the ground running the second the floor is dry enough to work on.

A room full of BITS makes a happy Tor!

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