Sunday, July 24, 2011

The countdown

Well, it's finally happening, it's all coming together, I'm going to be racing a car!

For those who don't know, the car company Caterham, has an academy series. Basically you buy the car, then race it!

It is based in the UK, so I'll be moving there to pursue this. I have my spot in the 2012 grid, and my car is being manufactured as we speak. Since there is a kit option, I'll be building my car woohoo! All the nuts and bolts will be clean, it will all be nice and awesome to work on.

Rest assured I will have daily updates of my progress with the car, and will be posting videos and pictures. After the car is built and road worthy, I'll be doing a number of trips, with video, like my mountain journals stuff. I will also be blogging the track days I go on, and of course, when the academy season starts, that will be up too!

I also have plans to do something along the lines of the best fish'n'chip places around England, a year long process of just going to different places and seeing where the best fish'n'chips are.

Right, I'll update again soon, I have a mountain journal I forgot to post, so that will be up in a little while.


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