Thursday, December 29, 2011

I've been for another drive, and the beast is now at a cool 470 miles. Having driven it harder for a couple miles... still only 5/8ths throttle and not above 4500, I am ready to have this thing on the track! The list of things to do in order of importance: find a job, go to wales to buy racing gear, attend track days. I really hope I manage to get this list taken care of in the next few weeks. The ARDS day is coming up soon, at the end of February, so I want to be settled and set gear and job wise by then.

Wish me luck :-).

Tomorrow will see the final oil change of the break in. I wont be changing the oil again until the day before the first event... well, it depends on how many combined track/road miles I put on it I suppose.

I have to watch myself on the road though, this little beast is too fast for it's own good :-D.

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