Monday, August 6, 2012

Three worst words in Motorsport, Did. Not. Finish.

This DNF was due to a fuel issues, so the car isn't damaged and I'm perfectly alright, apart from a badly bruised hand...

With another questionable qualifying, I ended up 1.5 seconds off the pole lap speed, in 15th place. The crazy thing is 5th to 17th was covered by less than a second, so a tenth or two at any given corner made a huge difference. I now know it's extremely difficult to turn up at a brand new track, and drive it as fast as it can be driven. Another flying start on my part, 3 cars before the end of the pit straight, it could have been more, but I honestly did not see the hole in traffic behind the yellow car in front to my left. The yellow flag came out at Paddock Hill on lap two, hence me slowing down, I think i was the only one who saw it judging by the way the other guys shot off... Maybe we all need to go on a course that teaches us all how to look for yellow flags! I did miss the green flag being held out at the bottom of Paddock though. I manage to put in a 57.000 on lap 7, two laps before my fuel cut out, being the 5th fastest time of the race, with only 20 minutes of track driving by that point, I am very pleased.

Thankfully this DNF doesn't mean the end of my championship podium fight, after everyone drops their worst score, I am only 4 points off the podium in 5th, so 100% in the zone.

Zolli, fantastic clean racing, you did some nice blocking, I couldn't find a way past for a long time! It's a shame it didn't go on for all 16 laps, it would have been fun to try and make it past that group.

Great race to all, shame about the contact Chris and David, congrats on another win Alex, and a big hearty congrats to Scott, never saw it coming!

Snetterton in a month, and I will be going to that event ready for a fight, without any fuel issues.


  1. Ouch. ::[sympathy]:: Here's the plug you need in order to short the inertia switch: It's been out of stock since I tried to get one after the same happened to me at Snetterton :-(

    I'm going to have to disagree with you, though. The three words "Car. Is. Buggered" are worse!

    1. I already figured out how to rewire it so it will always work, and never switch :). It works by breaking a constant connection, rather than completely a loop, it breaks the loop, thus stopping the fuel pump. Al that is needed is for the two wires going in to be permanently fused, and it would bypass the switch all together (already tested this, and it does work :)).

      Yes... those words are worse, I just didn't know "buggered" was a technical race term ;-).

  2. I've had it recommended to move the inertia switch into the cockpit within reach... is this a more sensible option? I guess when the fuel cuts out when you don't want it to, it's really frustrating... but surely the first time it doesn't cut out when you DO want it too is surely more serious? Interested to know your thoughts on that.

    1. You can move it, or disable it, or take it off and smash it with a hammer. It really doesn't make any difference other than your own personal preference. I may choose the hammer option... If I had moved it before the race, I would have lost several car lengths while resetting and restarting, and I wouldn't have been able to get that space back before the end of the race. This would be worse if you were fighting for the lead. I'd much rather have it never be an issue, so my car is always getting fuel, than lose places, just because the over sensitive hunk of junk decides hitting a tiny bump is worthy of shutting off fuel.

  3. Cheesy, on the road I'd agree with you. On track, you are never far from a marshall's post with half a dozen guys and a pile of fire extinguishers.

    That said, mine is relocated but still live. I do a lot of road driving, though, and I race like the engine has cut out anyway ;-)

  4. Hey Tor... the way you were banging on the steering wheel looked like you've been practicing the drums! :o) I'm really happy for you in that you are following your dream. May you do very well this weekend!!!
    Oh, by the way...I bought the Yamaha DTX500K Electronic drumset for practicing. It's pretty good for the price. My goal is to put a band together next year. Peace.