Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fastest run

Run #2 from Curborough. This turned out to be my fastest run, but my slowest was only .4 off this pace. Even though I didn't manage a 66.56 on my official runs, I managed to stay consistent, and everybody says consistency is the base for speed. I had some very good sections in this run, and some not so good (I never managed to get Mole Hill right...). I've got the car booked in to get it flat floored and balanced at last, and have a track day booked for this coming Friday to get more seat time in the car.

Everything seems to be coming together :-D.


  1. (I never managed to get Mole Hill right...)

    At least you eventually mastered the cunning trick of going *round* it instead of *over* it. :-D

    1. :-D That was the tricky bit, it did feel like going over was easier...