Thursday, December 6, 2012

Too long, but ready for 2013

It's been just a little too long between posts on here. However, there's good news! I am finally set up with the hopes of a funding solution for 2013! seems to be a great site, and has allowed me to express the great advantages of keeping me on the track next year.

I am 100% certain I'll be moving onwards and upwards to Ginetta G40s in the Ginetta Challenge. Really close racing, and those who read this blog will know I competed in a race at Donington earlier this year. I really look forward to next year, but funding has been a big part of the wait. I am selling the Caterham, although not for as much as I had hopped, I have work panning out, these combine to a good ability to cover most of the year, it's just the rest is the issue. Hence, this fantastic opportunity for you to be a part of racing, and help fund another years racing.

Now, on to that highlights video!

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