Thursday, January 24, 2013

My support page, and coming back to blogging!

While I have been away for some time, I will be coming back to regular blog posts about my racing endeavors, and even the adventure it has been... sorry still currently is, to find the money to race.

I may have been away, but I certainly wasn't sitting idle! I have been working hard day, and most nights, trying to get the upcoming racing season off the ground. I have spent a lot of time making powerpoint proposals, sending them off all over the world, and getting zero responses. I have spent even longer making personalized, individual powerpoint proposals designed around one company, only to get zero feedback, not even a "don't bother us any more". This has all been very disheartening, surely money shouldn't stop the pursuit of dreams and passions so violently. Surely a small racing budget can be found somehow.

Forever the optimist, I scoured the web trying to find anything that could help me reach my dream, and race in 2013. Finally, a crowd sourcing website called gofundme turned up, and through it I came up with a very fun way for people to join in. My support page has just been revamped, modernized, and is all new and exciting! My gofundme webpage, has everything you need to know about me, and my forthcoming year. But, I will share anyway, as I just love talking about racing, and cars.

I will be competing in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge, a extremely exciting, riviting, popular, and busy one-make racing series, based around the Ginetta G40 racing car. One-make means that all the cars in the field are the exact same model, like Nascar but smaller and can turn right. Because all the cars are identical, the drivers make the difference between winning or losing, which makes the racing very close, hot blooded, and nail biting! However, I am struggling to find the money to compete in this fantastic series... It's out of my work budget, and selling the Caterham wont cover the cost either. I have spent the last 2 months feverishly hunting sponsorship, hence my absence from this blog, and haven't managed to stir even a finger in response.

That's why I started the gofundme page,, because I came to the realization that if people stuffed their arm into their sofa, they'd probably pull out £10 worth of coins. If 2000 people did that, and entered into our enormous sponsorship family through gofundme,  half the budget for the racing season would be found. With 7 square meters of coverable space on the G40, there's more than enough space for 5000 people, and that would healthily cover the racing budget for this year.

Space you ask? Why does he need space if people are giving him money? Ah, well, that's where it changes, you get to send a picture of your choice (nothing explicit or rude), that would get placed on the car, for the whole entire season. You would also receive a standard A4 sized professionally printed picture of the car in race trim, and on the track. Autographed as well of course.

That's £10 that would have sat in the sofa for the next decade, going towards helping someone live a dream, while getting yourself something in return.

You see, it's not a one way street, it's not give and take, it's give and give. Also available are many higher levels, including season tickets to race weekends, and track days with tuition.

As I say in my support page, you can also contact me if you want more... more? More means exclusive opportunities and experiences what only racing sponsors can get, the "money-can't-buy" scene that everyone longs to be a part of. 

Feel free to E-mail (sponsorship -at-, and we can have a chat about what you can provide, but more importantly, what I can provide you in return.

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