Monday, January 28, 2013


Well, over the weekend all has been pretty much confirmed for my years drive in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge. Still getting the last little bits finalized, so a full release of details such as team, is coming shortly.

It has been really hard work up to this point, and it's only going to get harder. With 2014 a complete no-go unless I find some sponsorship this year! I relish the challenge though, I am determined to win, and even more determined to continue racing for many years to come.

Racing is a passion many of us share, but few get to experience, and fewer get to get paid to experience. Just the other day it was announced that Timo Glock, a fantastically talented driver, had been dumped from the Marussia F1 team in favor of a driver with less talent, but more money. What if all talent and passion for something had to be followed closely by money? We would have no Xgames, no surfing competitions, frankly, no passion driven sports championships or competitions of any kind.

Well, that's not quite true, we would, but it would be rich against rich, and where's the fun in that? The speed of the sport, and quite possibly, the innovations and passion for the sport would diminish greatly. Who wants to watch a bunch of rich people show off the fact that they can do what they want? The true meaning of sport is to follow a dream no matter the cost, through thick and thin, to overcome fears, comfortzones, and blast down walls and doors that are put in place to stop that dream coming true.

That's why our passion for motorsports should grow, sharing it world wide, and allowing those with talent to compete, over those with money.

I am training myself physically and mentally for the racing season ahead, so that I can do everything in my power to win every race and the championship. Why? Because I love to race. Which brings me on to the fact that I'm spending every waking hour hunting anything remotely related to sponsorship. Talking with the best in the business, cold calling, emailing, calling in favors with friends and family. Passion drives many things in life, relationships, work, care for a pet... in me it drives a want, no a need to improve myself and the world I'm a part of.

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