Thursday, August 22, 2013

A final word from Spa Francorchamps - pit lane start to 13th race video.

Well, in my race report I said that I had to leave before I could pick up the video footage from my 3rd race... I asked at Brands Hatch, and the cards hadn't been wiped yet! Woohoo! So here we have it ladies and gents - pit lane start to 13th in 7 laps.



  1. Wow! Spa Francorchamps! My dad was in the military and we were stationed in Belgium in 1966. He took us to a race in Francorchamps!
    It's awesome to see someone's dream (yours) unfold. An inspiration to others. I believe my greatest love/dream is playing powerful music to the masses helping to create a collective consciousness of peace and love. Thanks for your ambition!
    By the way, what area of England do you live because I meet people from England quite often at the store and I tell them I know of an up and coming race car driver that lives there?
    Looking forward... Thaddeus

    1. Wow! Too cool Thaddeus! Apologies for the late reply, so much going on! Thanks Thaddues, it's been so amazing to have such support from you, and others.

      I'm in oxfordshire!

      Hope you're fantastically well,