Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It was chilly today

So I decided to move some firewood around. The ability for vehicles to turn around in the drive is pretty abysmal, mainly because there was a pile of logs where they shouldn't be. I have moved some, but one massive one needs two people (I can lift one end but can't drag it). Really it needs a tractor, but my dads is 6000 miles away... it was a bit big to carry on the plane :-P. But, tomorrow morning (it is now dark... sun sets at 4:13 here!) I will start digging the dirt that's also in the way, make it easier to turn around, maneuver and generally not hit things.

The beast leaves tomorrow... I wont know what to do with myself! I suppose I should do some things like cut the grass... remake the doors for the garage (current ones are too small)... get insurance on my car, get registration papers and things ready to send to caterham...

There, that's a nice lovely list! Should keep me occupied until the day comes that I can go and collect my car...

Oh, and I need to sort my UK license out :).

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