Saturday, November 19, 2011

Now that, was a great day.

I just want to say, next year is going to be an absolute blast! Every one of the guys I met seem to be like minded individuals, all very excited to be doing the academy, brilliant! It's going to be loads of fun, and a blast anywhere in the pack. Now I miss my car even more, I want to jump in and start driving it! Well, it wont be long, I'm fairly confident it will be ready mid december, but we'll see how smoothly various things go. It's really not long to wait at all, and gives me plenty of time to get a couple things done I had been putting off... :-).

A big thanks to the two guys who gave me lifts to and from, really nice to meet you both, and I honestly would have found it hard to get there otherwise.

I look forward to an awesome year!

Till... well, tomorrow, because I'm sure I'll have something to put up... :-P.

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