Monday, November 7, 2011

Long time coming

Finally I got the stupid stuff sorted out! Car will be picked up on the 16th and taken away, IVA papers will be sent in ASAP to get a test for the 23rd (hopefully), then some specified time after that, I can drive the car away from the factory! Registration, IVA, number plates... everything can and will be sorted by Caterham, meaning when it leaves on the 16th, the next time I see it will be when I go there to drive it home :-D. Hopefully by christmas... we'll see, I want to get a Nürburgring trip in before Christmas, so hopefully I will have the car for that.

According to last years drivers, it's all about the miles, the more miles on the car the faster the car is, just as well I have so many trips I want to do. Despite starting in december, I should have over 3000 miles on the car come the first event :-).

More as it comes along. I will also update this blog with other goings on in my life... like sailing.

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