Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now that was fun!

Spent the evening creating the "bag" or "binliner-full-of-expanding-foam" seat round with Tristan (fellow academite). It went better than anticipated anyway! No leakages, the measuring might not have been quite right, but as a first go it worked really well. It's a really odd feeling. At first it's all warm and gloopy, then it gets properly hots and more rubbery, then finally solidifying into a foam. It's pretty crazy stuff...

I may decide to do another when warmer weather hits, since the foam works better when everything is hot, with more equal quantities. We'll see how this one goes, we may have managed to get it just right first time :-D.

However, it feels amazing to not move around, and be supported where it counts.

Pictures tomorrow! Of the seat finished in the car... didn't take any while making it, too dangerous having my camera around expanding building foam.

1 comment:

  1. Best seat heater I ever tried. Shame it's only one shot.