Sunday, March 11, 2012

There's a lot to be said for 100 quid Airfield track days...

They're bloody amazing.

Ok maybe not a lot, just 3 words...

I think it's possible to go this whole season without spending more than £150 on a track day, and I may not even need to go to any of the circuits we race at! There's every type of corner and straight to be had at airfields... well, except elevation change (paddock bend at Brands Hatch jumps to mind...). I'm already not allowed to do any of the sprint places, as was recently revealed in the regulations. So that knocks Snetterton 100/300 out of the list, along with Aintree and Curborough. Snetterton 200 should be ok since it doesn't incorporate the Sprint part of the area, but then again, we don't race Snetterton 200 until October, so why go in March?

Hmmm 12:01... probably around the time I should get some sleep... tomorrow brings a few check list items to the top of the list for the Caterham, also have a couple things to call Caterham about, missing the high intensity rain light. I should also finish putting on the roll cage padding, move the inertia switch. Right now it's located under the bonnet by the battery, not somewhere easy to get to if it trips during a race. Will probably make another little video from Friday too...

See, look at that, it's time to sleep and I ramble on.

Until tomorrow!

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