Monday, April 2, 2012

Donington video!

Here's the Donington video! Well, one of three, I'll be uploading driving with the other Caterhams, and my personal fastest lap tonight. This was in the morning, the second session, and was the only real clean air I got. Half a minute either side of the driving in this video I'm sitting in traffic, moving traffic, but slower than me.

It was a fantastic day, I learnt so much, and found out a huge amount about the car on track. I am ready for this season to start now, bring it on :). Donington, as I've said, is a biblically fast track, and the elevation change makes it ridiculously exciting and fun to drive. The morning had four 20 minute sessions, the first of which I used to learn the track, find the braking and turn-in points, and just get settled. After that came this video, the second session, where I got to open the taps and really start pushing the brake points later. In the last session, I managed my fastest lap of the day, around .7 from the instructor, but that means there's still time to find.

I was there with two other Academy guys, Peter and Nick (Porky, his nickname not mine) who're in group two. Pete had been there before, but both Porky and I had never driven Donington. All our times at the end of the day were very close, with lead follow going on, we were all within car lengths of each other. Just 2 seconds covered our individual fastest times when compared with the instructors fastest.

What does this mean? It means the Academy will be the series to watch for super close racing, and you should buy a flag before the spaces fill up ;-). I'm sure some trading paint will be going on up and down the field :-D.

Peter, Porky, it was a great day, and thank you for letting me listen to the instructors, it was a huge help later in the day, and I'll see you both at Castle Combe!

Here is Peters video from a giant slide we both had, I'm in front and start sliding, he then lifts out of the throttle and slides as well. It seems like drafting accounts for a couple MPH, and I think I was going a little slower than him through a couple corners, hence he catches up with me at certain corners.

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