Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My fastest laps at Donington Friday

For your viewing pleasure, my fast laps of Donington. These were the last two of the day, and I think there's a good difference between the morning ones, and these. These are ~ 0.7-1 second off the instructors time. The race had been red flagged, someone had gone into the gravel at the Old Hairpin, and I was first in line in the pits, ready to head back out. After a fast warm up lap, these two got slotted in before the end of the session, and indeed the end of the day.

Clean air, no traffic, just pure simple fast driving.

Now, at my next few track days, I will be working on getting to this same race pace faster. My goal to be able to find the fastest line at a brand new track, in 20 minutes. In the academy, there's only 20 minutes of practice before each qualifying and 15 minute race. So if it's a new track, the fastest line must be found in those 20 minutes.

The Academy has a 2012 Academy only test day coming up at Castle Combe, and I'm really looking forward to it. Test days differ from track days in that overtaking is allowed anywhere, and timing is allowed. So, I can finally mount and use my t200 lap timer and time myself, rather than going off other drivers. The best part of the coming test day is that overtaking is allowed anywhere, and consent isn't required, this means the whole atmosphere is a lot closer to actual wheel to wheel racing. Finally a chance to practice overtaking under braking :-D.

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