Sunday, October 16, 2011

6000 miles away!

WOOOHOOOO!!! My dad is the most awesome amazing debugger in the world! From a whopping 6000 miles away he fixed my car! That has to be some kind of a record! He lead me, very patiently, through all the wiring diagrams, and helped me figure out what went where and why. Then he helped me track down where the issue would be, with 3 main point at the heart of the issue. The major one that he told me to do was to swap the light relay (something I know works) for the starter relay (same volts, no matter).

First however I checked there was continuity (something he also taught me how to find, from across the pond) between the negative battery terminal and all the ground points on the car, just in case. After checking and making sure those were fine, I decided to do as he had suggested, and swapped the light relay for the starter relay... pressed the button... and it turned over! YAAAAAYYYY!! I was so happy I jumped up and down for a solid 30 seconds! Just to see if the starter relay was truly bad, I plugged it into where the light relay use to be, turns out the lights still all worked, so, maybe it was just a little kooky... Either way it doesn't matter now because my car turns over!

Tomorrow I will find some gas, and start it up for the very first time! :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

Best day EVER!

Thank you :-D:-D

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