Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well, I'm better.

I seem to have finally kicked a bug/disease/thing that I've had since Tuesday.

Tomorrow really is the day that everything happens, Caterham will be receiving calls for getting the inspection, IVA, and registration done (hope to get them all done so it just returns ready to insure). Once that phone call is done, I phone the recommended Caterham insurance and see if they will insure me on my US drivers license (5 years driving experience :-D), if not, then phone call number 3. This call will be made to the DVLA to see what needs to happen for me to get a British drivers license, if I understand the website right, I can trade my US for a British, which is handy. I will be getting a British license anyway, but it would be nice to take some of the stress away by not needing to get it done ASAP.

As you can tell, I'm feeling much better, the whole typing thing is going much smoother... I can think in full sentences... I no longer have the lollipop song stuck in my head... :-). Nothing like feeling better after a week of doing nothing but sleeping, drinking water, and watching Top Gear...

Anyway, heading with good spirits into the next week, and I should be able to get everything that needs doing, done.

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