Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today, day 6 of actual work.

Rear boot cover done, headlights on and working, turn signals need bulbs... rear lights on and working, harness in, except for the lap straps... using the lap strap bolts to hold the boot cover in place on the passenger side since my passenger harness hasn't arrived yet. It's on back order.

It is really, literally, almost ready to drop down and drive away. There are some things to work out first, and do first, like put all the fluids in. As my dad said... it's not a race, yet.

Pictures :-D

Rear boot cover in all its awesomeness, you can also see one light.

Closer look, it is so awesome! All the poppers are pretty easy to put on, takes 10-20 minutes maybe to get them all on and done.

Working headlights!

Harness almost all in, still have some ugly drill shavings in the bottom... need to get the vacuum in there really.

The 3/4 inch drive socket set, that includes the 41mm socket for the rear axle bolts! Picture does not do justice to the shear size and weight of that box.

Tomorrow, it's tonneau cover and... umm... rear view mirror... and umm.... I guess... I'll see if I can get a lift into Didcot to buy some bits I need, brake fluid and such.

It's kind of scary having the car pretty much done!

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