Thursday, October 13, 2011

So I wont be painting the exhaust, it is in the regulations under exhaust, as something that is strictly prohibited to do... yay.... :-(.

Oh well, I did learn that the exhaust is SS so I'm happy that it wont rust at least. I will just have to work harder to keep it looking good.

Played around with gopro locations today after getting the interior riveting, heater block off plate, and rewiring done.

Location 1, front fender looking back. It will move a little so less fender shows, but this is pretty much it.

Location 2. drivers side rear fender facing forward, should be pretty much how it is in the picture, I think it works anyway, will change it if I find out it sucks while driving :-D.

Location 3 (3 cameras) will be either pic 3 or pic 4, unsure, will have to discover which is best through trial and error.

pic 3

pic 4

Tomorrow is fluids day! Awoohhoo!! first start up likely to be saturday middayish!


  1. first start up likely to be saturday middayish!

    Exciting! Make sure the video camera is running :-D

  2. I like the one from the front fender and the one from the foot well; not sure about the others