Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm obviously not allowed to start this car for some reason.

First it was the relay, then the inability to get petrol NOW the battery is dead! It cranked fine for 10-15 seconds or so, I heard it slowing down so I stopped, waited, then tried again, still no fire for another 10 seconds and then the battery was too low to do anything with. MAYBE in half an hour or so I'll try again, see if it has enough juice to fire.

I mean come on!

If I were home I'd have no issue with this at all, just throw a spare battery in, or use the car starter. Here it's a whole day until I can get anything fucking (sorry, I needed to) done! No car, no easy transport, no shop close enough to give anything USEFUL to me to get this thing started. My aunt is out right now so no transport there either.

........ I'm going to have a beer and think about my options... this is bloody ridiculous.

Video of me getting thoroughly pissed off and annoyed forthcoming.

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