Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Engine hoist will be here in an hour!

One hour... then it will be here for one day, it goes back tonight. So, short story is, the engine will be in by tonight! Awoohoo!


  1. (1) Take the engine mounts off first.

    (2) Put them back on as soon as the mounts will be under the chassis bar.

    (3) Don't forget the earth strap on the LHS mount.

    (4) Make sure your U-hose is nice & short, unless you trim it, it won't fit in the space and you'll have to take it off & trim it in situ.

    (5) I found it useful to pop a trolley jack under the gearbox (once it was low enough) to control the angle and ease the gearbox into the transmission tunnel.

    (6) It will fit in, honest, just keep inching it in and down, in and down, bit by bit!

    Have fun. It's a real high when you get the engine in, safe & secure!

  2. The earth strap runs from the alternator to the engine chassis yes?I haven't seen any loose cables in any of the boxes...

    Thanks for the tips! I've taken a few BMW engines in and out in the past, so here's hoping I can use your blog and my "experience" to get it right first time :D

  3. There's a bag with a bunch of cables in it, seems to be the original bag for the battery master switch that our Academy cars have. Mine had two red cables and one black, so I took the black one for the earth strap, which goes from the engine mounting rubber to on of the engine mount bolts.

    Have fun!

  4. Ooohhh, I know that bag, damnit, I completely forgot about it... it's in the boot. Thanks!