Friday, October 21, 2011

Could knock me over with a feather...

My car started! YES! Finally! :-D:-D:-D

I am importing the video now (it says an hour left... :-(). When that is uploaded (will be tonight by the time I edit and then upload it) I will let you all find out how it sounds!

I took another walk to the petrol station, but this time I only had to walk on the way back, a kind passer by gave me a lift most of the way there. Came back, emptied the 5 liter can (5.3 liters and almost 8 quid to be exact...) into the tank, attached the charger and went and watched some tv. After about 20 minutes I went out, tried starting it, this time the fuel pump sounded like it was pumping fuel rather than air (thankfully). It turned over... turned over... and STARTED! At the time i was just in disbelief, didn't dance around or woohoo or anything. I think that might have been because I was concentrating on making sure it didn't die (idle needs adjusting).

Now, it's time to organize the post build inspection... where're the phone numbers I need then...

The car runs! :-D

After starting it I of course ran it up to 92 deg to let the fan come on, it did, and now it's cooling down inside the shed, happy and cozy as a clam!

Video WILL be up ASAP.


  1. Excellent! Well done!

    (I'm also pleased to hear your tickover needs adjusting - so does mine!)

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